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Delta 9 applauds Manitoba ex-panding cannabis retail licenses.

Crown Services minister Jeff Wharton announced that Manitoba is expanding cannabis retail licences. The province will start accepting new applications for cannabis retail licences as of June 1. Wharton said it is part of the province’s plan to keep the market competitive.

“This move will enable local entrepreneurs to create jobs and support Manitoba’s economy,” Wharton said. He added that it is “a critical step as we work toward rebuilding Manitoba in the wake of COVID-19.”

Along with expanding cannabis retail licences, the province will introduce a new controlled-access licence. This allows current retailers to sell cannabis within existing storefronts. Cannabis cannot be visible or accessible by youth. Standalone cannabis store licences are still available as well.

Wharton said that the province plans to prioritize new licensees. Those accepted will enter a retailer agreement with Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries. The Liquor, Gaming and Cannabis Authority of Manitoba will issue all licences.

Although it won’t have the same impact as when Ontario opened up its cannabis retail market earlier this year, Manitoba’s move expanding cannabis retail licences will be welcomed by licensed producers. That includes Delta 9, a Manitoba-based LP that applauded Manitoba’s retail licence expansion.

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